About Avant

Built to Last

At Avant Townhomes, our passion for intelligent planning and detail means...

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Peace of Mind

Avant Townhomes is owned by Intrapac Property, a multi-award winning...

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Ergonomic Design

At Avant Townhomes we apply ergonomics to home design...

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“We looked at every part of the process – taking the stress out of choosing,  buying and maintaining  your new home.”

hamish macdonald - avant townhomes

Design Harmony

You walk into some homes and you love them straight away...

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Efficiency & Environment

At Avant Townhomes we strive to minimise energy consumption...

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Simple Process

The purchasing process for an Avant Townhome is very simple...

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Our Team

Hamish Macdonald

Avant Townhomes

David Lunardi

General Manager Avant Townhomes

Max Shifman

Chief Operating Officer Intrapac Property